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About Us

Our team is passionate about helping businesses and business pros break away from the pack and grow.

How Your Business Will be Changed

Our process is built upon the foundational principles of "Human Centered Design" which dictates we always begin with our customer in mind. We help you and your team discover how understanding how your alignment with your ideal buyers helps you find and engage them. Our goal is for you to know their story as well as they do. You will learn how to engage and nurture conversations with your ideal prospects in order for them to learn the story of your value proposition too. The sales model has been changed because the modern prospect is the most empowered consumer ever, as such your sales practices need to pivot from a culture of "Always be Closing" to a culture where they seek provide leadership that encourages prospects to collaborate in order to co-create highly optimized solutions.

Human Centered Design

We are laser focused on using Human Centered Design because it helps us help you solve your wicked hard challenges by turning them into opportunities for business growth. Human centered design enables you to find your most compelling stories then harness them to engage, nurture and effectively call your audience of ideal prospects to action.

Power Storyetlling

During our time together you will learn how story works (neuroscience, biology & psychology) and how to liberate and refine your own stories. We will use your brand stories to let your audience of ideal buyers know that you built a company that is completely in service to them. When you share your story of why you do what you do, how you do it, who you do it for and how they are changed after receiving your product or service, that is when you rise above the noise and stand out from the crowd.

Inbound Sales & Marketing

Our team helps you build thoughtful, insightful and compelling sales & marketing campaigns. You will clearly understand what they agonize over and wish they could find solutions for. In short you will know their narrative as well as they do. This knowing positions you to share ideas that consistently resonate with them. We assure that your campaigns connect with your audience because the content is created using the power of context, designed exclusively for the audiences you serve. Your campaigns will connect, nurture engage, build communities of raving fans and win new customers.

Story Lab & Content Foundry

Statistics tell us that 80% of all decision are made only after consulting a on or offline network. Our team of content experts have created award winning , podcast, best selling books and content that attracts communities of committed devotees. Now the Story Lab is available to help you liberate your most compelling business stories. The Content Foundry is here to enable your stories to shared to the platforms where your ideal prospects are already gathers, seeking answers to the challenges they wrestle with everyday. We believe creating great content such as podcast, blogs, video blogs, ebooks and books are your best calling card. So, let's begin sharpening your ideas, creating great content and moving toward writing the book that is bottled up inside and trying to get out. Why, get that book out, because your book is your ultimate business card.


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Content Foundry & Story Lab

We selected the name Content Foundry because a foundry is a place for casting metal. When we think of metal we think of the expression iron sharpens iron. We believe when you become confident that your ideas matter, then you take those ideas and share them with the audiences you serve, you and your brand become strong, like cast iron. So join us in the Content Foundry and let us help you begin to produce great content. We make blogging, podcasting, video blogging and live streaming your brand story easy. Next when you are ready, we show you how easy it is to produce you first business book. In today's crowded marketplace your book becomes your best business card. Join us, if the Content Foundry sounds like the place for you to sharpen and share your ideas.

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60 Days to TAO

Our 60 day coaching program. You receive a TAOSO Workbook. The initial 90 minute meeting is held online. Status update meetings are 60 minutes long and conducted each week (online). You are encouraged to contact your coach via email with questions, between status update sessions.

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TAO Custom

Here is how you maximize our customized workshop process. You commit to two things: (a) come prepared to take a deep dive into your business who, what, when, where, why and how (b) When your plan is built, commit to execute your plan. We will be your accountability partner throughout the process #NoLetUp. You can configure your workshop to be delivered on or offline, you decide, we are available for both. Curriculum is delivered by a easy to use cloud based virtual video meeting platform. We created the customized workshop format to enable you focus on the areas you deem mission critical to your success.

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